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64.Solar fence light ,Solar yard light,Solar lantern (20)
63.Welcome you get our catalogue of solar wall light,CLICK HERE to get the catalogue of solar wall light.[ Nov. 11th,2014]
62.Garden Solar Fence Light. Great way to brighten up your garden at night time. Simply let the solar fence light charge through the day, and watch it light up all night long . [ April 24th,2013]
61.Solar manufacturer - DFD.Solar produce 5w off-grid solar system products. These 5w solar system can be used for camping, boating, caravan, fishing.Use our off-grid solar system can help you save your money , and it is 100% great energy[Dec.6th, 2011]
60.Yiwu China solar manufacturer produce many kinds of solar camping lanterns, like External solar panel solar led camping lantern with flashlight[Nov.26th, 2011]
59.As a professional and innovate solar manufacturer in China,we are keeping our minds in produint top quality and clear solar lawn light products,our solar lawn lights can be used in garden recoloration, used in fence,pathway, outdoor .[Nov.13th, 2011]
58.Solar Manufacturer produce multy-colors solar wooden helicopter toys include red,blue,yellow,nature color and green.[Oct.13th, 2011]
57.Mini solar panel and small solar panel:we can produce the small mini solar panels with low voltage in any specifications and in any shape for solar lighting system ,solar toys.[Oct.8th, 2011]
56.DERORATION ABOUT OUR SOJI SOLAR LANTERNS: ALL OF OUR SOJI SOLAR LANTERNS PRODUCTS ARE ONLY EQUIPED WITH ONE LED BULB. Thanks Janes who from Syney to help us figure out the fault showed on the site . THANKS !! [Sep.8th, 2011]
55.Our ABS plastic mini portable solar camping lantern only need US$5.2 FOB , if you quanity can more than 500pcs[Sep. 2ed,2011]
54.Mini-Solar-panel-Small-Solar-Panels-Low-voltage-solar-panels. [August 27th,2011]
53.Many colors and many shaped soji solar lantens, if you want to get more about our soji solar lanterns , please click our soji solar lanterns pages. [August 26th,2011]
52.Mini Solar Panels are ideal for OEM, project development, hobbyists and school or university projects. We sell rigid and flexible mini Solar Panel ranging from 0.5V to 15V. The lowest voltages are found within our rigid cell range, from 0.5V to 1.5V; these small solar panels are encapsulated in epoxy and include positive and negative cables.[August 26th,2011]
51.Solar light manufacturer in China produce solar reading lamp ,solar reading light what is energy saving, environmentally friendly, convenient for use, beautiful in design,wide applicability.[August 14th,2011]
50.Professional solar manufacturer produce solar light products with good shape ross solar garden light and many kinds of solar lawn light [August 10th,2011]
49.Our main off-grid Solar System Products are include 500w solar system,1kw solar system,3kw solar system,and 5kw solar system products.[18th,April.2011]
48.Red solar powered wooden helicopter toys are welcomed in the intenarional market,it is produced by china solar manufacturers in China who produce solar panels, solar light products and solar system products. [13rd,April.2011]
47.According the development of solar products, our main solar products will be focused in SOJI SOLAR LANTERN,SOLAR STRING LIGHT,SOLAR GARDEN LIGHT.[23rd,Aug.2010]
46.Our new solar products Solar String Light ,Solar string light are a great option for outdoor decorative lighting, whether it is for holiday’s occasions or just to light up your house surroundings for a special event or party.[3rd,Nov 2009]
45.Newest solar products provide new solar light products: Oval Shape Soji Solar Lantern and Diamond Shape Soji solar Lantern.Welcome your any inquiries on the new solar products. (Provided by solar manufacturer on )[23rd, September ,2009]
43.The solar manufacturer add new three kinds solar products - soji solar lantern : Square Shape Soji Solar Lantern ,Heart Shape Soji Solar Lantern ,and Round Shape Soji Solar Lantern. [15th ,September,2009]
42.Solar Manufacturer release a new solar products :Sun Jar,Solar Jar,Sun Jar Light. Sun jar collects and stores sunshine so that you can use it at night.[27th, July,2009]
41.The new general solar products :solar car toy and solar boat,all of the solar toy products can be used a kid's enducational toys.[June 17th,2009]
40.Solar Products,Solar system products : The Solar Home lighting System are powered by solar energy using solar panel that convert solar energy (sunlight) directly to electricity. The electricity is stored in batteries and used for the purpose of lighting whenever required.300 solar power system [May ,22nd,2009]
39.Solar power system Products is a integration solar products include solar panel,inverter,controller,battery and AC load or DC load.The portable solar power system protusts are suitable for home application.[ May 20th,2009]
38.Mini solar panel.The mini solar panel is a kind of solar panel, it is very popular as the mini solar panel is wide range of applications.If you want to get a full list of mini solar panels from professional solar panel manufacturer in China,please don't hestitate to contact us. [April 29th,2009]
37.The soji solar lantern also named solar soji lantern.[April 24th,2009]
36.Solar Helicopter toy is one kind of solar products what produced by China solar manufacturer.The solar helicopter toy is made of top quality timber,it can be used for kid's enducational toy.[April 21st,2009]
35.Professional solar light manufacturer supply soji solar lantern with all colors.The available colors of soji solar lantern are red,white,yellow,blue and so on. [April 18th,2009]
34.45w solar panel provided by solar panel manufacturer,the Voltage at Maximun Power point Vmp (Voits) of 45w solar panel is 17.2V ,Current at Maximun Power point Imp (Amps) is 2.62A. [April 14th,2009]
33.Solar Light Manufacturer produce solar light products sucn as solar torch,mini solar solar torch.If you take a mini solar torch on your hand,Just a few cranks on the handle of this mini solar torch and it will give you a super bright light.[April 12th,2009]
32.Solar manufacturer,solar windmill toy manufacturer produce solar windmill toy. The Solar Windmill Toynis made of high quality timber with a piece of polysilicon solar battery for 6x4 cm2 inlaid. [Aprial,11th,2009]
31.Soji Solar Lantern,LED Soji Solar Lantern is a solar powerd lantern what don't need electricity,the soji solar lantern is one kind of solar light products produced by solar light manufacturer in China. [ April,10th,2009]
30.185 W Solar Panel,the solar panel is Open circuit voltage (V): 45.97,Short circuit current (A): 5.29--provided by solar manufacturer,solar paroducts. [March 30th,2009]
29.Solar Products ,Solar Lighting Products : Solar yard light--Install the solar yard light to the place where you want to install with no more digging, no more sweating. [ March 26th,2009]
28.Round Solar panel with 12W glass laminated solar panel,solar panel products[March ,20th,2009]
27.The latest news about solar products : Renewable Energy News : World Solar Panel Market Grew 110% In 2008 (report released by SOLARBUZZ) [March ,18th 2009]
26.Our news solar products : Solar Light Products :Solar ' welcome ' shape light--solar lawn light and solar yard light.The solar light products will give a unique disign and good look for your garden,also can save your money as the solar light products don't need electricity and make an chance for you to do contribution for the enviroment protecting project.[March 16th,2009]
25.Solar Cells Products :Monocystalline Solar Cell Solar Products.PV module,Photovoltaic Module,China PV Module[March,10th,2009]
24.Our Wholly-owned subsidiary Trade Company : HK SUNNY INDUSTRY TRADING CO.,LTD Launched a new online website.The trade company's main products is promotional products like pins, badges,Santa hat,promotional solar products,shopping bags and so on.[March,7th,2009]
23.We updated the solar technology of solar products, also updated the price of solar panel.So Welcome all clients send inquiry to our email or to get the newest quotation sheet of our solar products.[March. 5th,2009]
22.Solar Products: 156x156mm / 125x125mm monocrystalline solar cell,multicyrstalline solar cells,Polycrystalline solar cells.[Feb.26th,2009]
21.Newest solar products : Rose Solar Garden Light.Provided by solar manufacturer.The rose solar garden light is suitable for Villas, parks, courtyard, hotel will give you a unique landscape.[Feb.23th,2009].
20.Great News of Solar Manufacturer : We acquired a HongKong Company : HK SUNNY INDUSTRY& TRADEING CO.,LTD,professional bags suppilier established in HongKong (The company will operate independently after acquired).The company has a professional TEAM for DEVELOP & DESIGN the newest bags in HongKong ,also have a professional factory who help us making all bags products in Dongyang City, and a sales& purchase office in Yiwu City Zhejiang Province,mainland,China.And the company is a Gold Member of Made-In-China. The Head Quoter will show solar panel,solar lighting products in Made-in-China in short near future.[Feb.16th,2009]
19.Solar panel products: 1w Polycrystalline / monocrystalline solar panel,1w mini solar panel produced by solar panel manufacturer.[Feb.12th,2009]
18.Latest Company News: The factory of solar manufacturer : DFD.Solar was moved to Zhalin Industry Zone,Yudu County,Jiangxi Province.But we still keep a sales office in Yiwu city,Zhejiang province.Yiwu sales office is responsible for international business.[Feb.10th,2009]
17.We will have a vacation for our Tradditional Spring Festival from Jan.20th to Feb.5th. So if you have any questions about our solar products,just email us,we will procced it very soon after we come back from holiday.[Jan.20th,2009]
16.Solar panel products news :The world's largest photovoltaic (PV) module manufacturer,solar manufacturer--Suntech Power Holdings Co., Ltd. (Wuxi, China), held a ceremony on January 8th, 2009 celebrating the achievement of reaching one GW PV cell and module production capacity in its Wuxi. [Jan.14th,2008]
14.Our solar water heater series products include 47mm vaccum tube,anti-oxidation frame solar water heater,47mm vaccum tube,stainless steel,58mm vaccum tube,anti-oxidation frame,58mm vaccum tube,stainless steel frame,and 70mm vaccum tube,anti-oxidation frame solar water heater.All the solar water heater distributed by China solar water heater distributor,solar manufacturer.[Jan.7th,2009]

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